Requesting workers training service
(Training workers to prepare coffee and milkshakes – preparing crepes waffles – mojito – pancakes – fresh juices)

Our belief in the role of the worker and the necessity of his presence seriously in any industrial or construction work activity. We must provide this service, which in turn is necessary for the success of any project.

Now only with us you find training courses for the worker until we reach it to the ideal degree by which he can increase production and work in a way that always raises the level of work and today we are committed with the gentlemen to train manpower over the course of 10 full days until we reach them to the highest possible degree of efficiency.

And in this period we give him the necessary details:

  1. To carry out the required periodic maintenance and how to implement it
  2. And also trained on how to deal with problems that may arise during operation.
  3. And trained in the operating systems of machines.

Please provide us with project details and we will contact you as soon as possible